Surrey search and rescue: finding vulnerable adults & missing children in Surrey

13 years ago, brighthand were approached by Surrey Search & Rescue with the aim of updating their website. At the time they were a fledgeling organisation trying to become a registered charity and a year on after numerous call-outs and a lot of very long days & nights, we are very pleased to announce that they have achieved their goal, congratulations to you all. Their charity number is 1194397.

Surrey Search & Rescue are a team resource utilised by the police and other emergency organisations mainly in Surrey and on occasion other Counties too. The people (& dogs) in the organisation are all volunteers, they all have full-time jobs (well…maybe not all of the dogs) and yet they somehow manage to find the time to train new volunteers and complete searches alongside the Police in Surrey and other counties throughout the year.

The team rely solely upon donations to keep their organisation going, the financial donations enable them to buy much-needed equipment and they also welcome the donation of any survival equipment that could help their cause.

On average 2100 people go missing in Surrey every year” (a staggering statistic to ponder), although they do not all require a full call out or search. A percentage of the people that can be classified as being vulnerable will need their assistance. These could include the elderly, those suffering from Dementia, Alzheimer’s and children that go missing for a number of reasons.

If you think you can help Surrey Search & Rescue in any way, either by offering survival equipment, volunteering to hide in the middle of a forest to help train their search dogs to find people or a maybe a small donation of money, you choose.

Please visit their website at and help them in any way you can.